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After dinner he said, “Come on, you’re taking me to Home Depot so I can see the action!I created this column as a place for people to gather, enjoy a cup of virtual coffee or miso soup and get information and motivation to up-level their lives.Moreover, as time goes on, people change and can grow apart. Anyway, after getting over the initial shock regarding my sexual proclivities, “A” and her roommate asked me why I did not follow the rule.I apparently never got the memo that if a girl wants to keep a guy interested and get another date, she must give a memorable and complete blow job before having sex with him.However, they do not take my vagina; they utilize it temporarily, and the majority of the time they aren’t the only ones enjoying that exchange because I’m still attached when they employ it.Additionally, no one can ever rest assured that their significant other will not cheat or leave them because thoughts and actions are not always consistent with one another and someone can say they love you or that they will never leave but those are simply promises yet to be fulfilled.Some of these men I had slept with but most of the dating encounters never got that far and stopped at first base.

One day, while hanging out with my best friend and her roommate, she asked me about the physicality of my dating relations.

My first flirting experience at Home Depot happened totally by accident.

I’m a naturally friendly person and say hi to everyone.

Countless times over the past year while filling in my best friend “A” on my forays in the dating world, I found myself grumbling about my failure in this arena.

She is 13 years older than me and all of the dates she has ever been on have resulted in serious, long-term relationships with her holding all the power.

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At one point I had been on dates with so many guys that she couldn’t even keep track of all their names and corresponding stories.

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