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Instead hundreds of hours have been blown on the story.During these hours and weeks a dozen other serious news stories were ignored or received less attention than they deserved.

He also interviewed psychics, faith healers, and people who talked to the dead, swallowing this crap with endearing (and infuriating) credulity.

But if she (rightly) sensed that the media were tiring of the case because the family involved was poor and working class, something else, as Mc Kay’s script makes plain, was also at play.

The relish with which we saw her addressing the cameras wasn’t as unnerving as Karen’s comment that Shannon was “getting really famous now”.

In the wake of the Aurora and Newtown gun massacres, he took on anyone who'd talk about guns and their availability to the insane and partially insane. He spoke to advocates on both sides who could make rational or even quasi-rational argument, including employees of the NRA and even more extreme organizations.

He fought hard and did not give up despite obvious pressure (and threats) to do so.

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Having fired Piers Morgan for devoting a few hours here and there solely to gun violence in America (which kills more than 30,000 people a year), CNN indulged in a far more obsessive orgy of speculation about a plane that flew out of a foreign airport and crashed into a foreign sea.

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