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This auto-run-and-gun game boasts fantastic art, well-done gameplay, and tough difficulty.

The levels are scripted, so you can learn how they work, but the threats are constant and numerous.Rounding out your abilities is a dash attack that can burst through enemies and projectiles.All sorts of combos can be done with these, with recognized rewards for blasting multiple enemies at once, dashing through bullets, and more. The levels also have stars that you can collect by freeing prisoners in cages; you not only have to go down the path they're in, but you also need to dash through the cage.The quick restarts when you die and the generally short levels help out with that.There's just something about the way the entire game comes together that counteracts its brutality.

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And the game will look down at you and whisper "No." has you controlling a well-armed anthropomorphic sock, always running forward with the ability to slowly descend on jumps.

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