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Garner donned the dress in support of close friend Reese Witherspoon, who hosted the NET-A-PORTER x Draper James celebration.Witherspoon created the sweet Southern-inspired line in 2015, and Garner isn't the only fan: Molly Sims, Ali Larter and Camila Alves were also seen enjoying the sunny afternoon.Indeed so stylish was her portrayal of the promiscuous and lascivious Marie, the maman who oozes sassy Parisien chic, that initially no one realised that the hit series’ newest bad girl was, in fact, the British actress.Plum role: Julia Ormond is revelling in her renewed acclaim as the sultry, flirtatious French femme fatale Marie Calvert, Don Draper's alluring mother-in-law who decides to dally with Roger Sterling (played by John Slattery) ‘I was a die-hard fan of the show and over the years, through industry events, I’d met Matthew Weiner, Mad Men’s creator. So when he asked me to come in and read I said yes immediately.’ It was an astute move.Managing to be caught in delicto flagrante by Don’s young daughter Sally.Doing such an intimate scene didn’t daunt Ormond in the least. I ended up telling my friends: "No, I’m not working." I just lied.It is, as Julia Ormond readily agrees, a peach of a part.And from the moment she sashayed across our screens as the sultry, flirtatious French femme fatale Marie Calvert, Don Draper’s alluring mother-in-law in the cult television drama Mad Men, Ormond has been revelling in her renewed acclaim.

Jane Hertzmark Hudis, global brand president of Estee Lauder told 'Quite frankly, we’re crazy for the show.lead, you'd be a bit nuts to actually enter into a relationship with a guy like GIPHYWhile alpha males tend to attract women, it’s not necessarily with their looks.We are a business that provides fabrics, thread, patterns, sewing gear and notions for reenactors.And no fashionable ad executive or country club wife would leave the house without their accessories so Banana Republic and Janie Bryant have created a perfect selection of bags, belts, hats and jewelry to compliment the apparel.Anyone wondering whether the styles are just re-hashed from the last collection can think again.

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Getty Days later, Garner and ex Ben Affleck put on a united front at their 8-year-old daughter's school graduation in Los Angeles.

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