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The court heard the encounter occurred in June 2015 whilst the girl - then 18 - had been out with a college friend in Bury.Initially the pair went to Yates Wine Lodge but during the evening the girl met another man who was a friend of Owen and she decided to go with him to nearby Pics bar.He apologised for his friend's behaviour and offered to pay for the girl to get a taxi home - but it was alleged he pounced on her when they went outside.The girl - who was said to be 'tipsy but not stupidly drunk' - claimed she was repeatedly sexually assaulted in a nearby alley before Owen threw a £5 note at her and said: 'I think you should go home now.'She told a friend about the incident but did not report the encounter to police.I left a few minutes later and when I went over the road she was there waiting for me. 'But she was a good looking girl and I was attracted to her. She gave me all the signs.'She was smiling and laughing and we were stood close together.

She accused Joly de Lotbiniere of having sex without consent in her room after a night-out - something he claimed were 'horrible, horrible lies'.

'I then said to her 'would you like to go outside and have sex?

' She said yes so I said 'meet me over there over the road in 2/3 mins and I will come and meet you'.'She stood up and left straight away, which I took as a sign of her wanting to have sex.

I was only raped chill the f*** out'She added: 'I'm going to ring them (police) tomorrow and tell them I'll do it.

My mum wants to come so I'm going to ask whether I can do it while she's on holiday.

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